Meet Dina
Let Me Help You Create The Body and Life That You Desire.
I am a Transformation Expert and Weight Loss Specialist with a strong belief that your physical health is a reflection of your soul. I’ve helped thousands of individuals all over the world to define and achieve the body, mindset, and life that they truly want.
As a Certified Deepak Chopra Perfect Health Teacher, the foundation of my practices build your spiritual, emotional and mental strength which is just as important as your physical strength. In the last 23 years of my life, after overcoming several medical diagnoses and losing 90 lbs – and keeping it off! – I’ve made it my mission to set an example of the significance of living a healthy lifestyle, preventing injuries, training safely and sharing my expertise with the world.

As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, I understand busy lifestyles and the importance of meditation, exercise, balanced nutrition and fostering meaningful connections with others. This daily regime is what helps me to understand where my clients are coming from, and how best to meet their needs.
I work daily one-on-one with clients, many that I've trained with for over 20 years, to help them connect with their body through movement, mobility and strength. It has been such a privilege to witness the transformative power of my methods. It is my passion to help foster healing, rejuvenation and personal empowerment in the lives of others.

Now, having been in the fitness and wellness industry for nearly two decades, being a Founder and Co-Owner of FitnessSocial Studio (FS) and the creator of Underneath the Fat TM, I’ve garnered international exposure for my health and wellness brand and methods. I was featured on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine, selected as a Top 5 Fitness Trainer in the nation, and was recognized in the Women’s Health Magazine as an Action Hero: Women Creating Change In Our World. I have also worked with dozens of high-profile clients and celebrities across the world.

These opportunities have given me the ability to train with some of the top physicians, instructors and trainers globally. I have selected the best workout methods and tools to provide my clients with specially tailored programs proven to achieve fast results.

Join the millions affected by my methods in getting healthier, stronger and even more empowered. 
Transformation Expert and Weight Loss Specialist
  • 16 Years Experience in Fitness and Nutrition
  •  Transformation Expert & Weight Loss Specialist 
  •  Deepak Chopra University Graduate, Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certified 
  •  Women’s Health Magazine Cover Girl and Featured Fitness Expert 
  •  Owner of – Online Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition Platform 
  •  Owner of Underneath the Fat - Emotional Eating Tools  
  •  Co-Founder of FitnessSocial  
  •  Founder of Kettlebells of Fresno
  •  Creator and designer of Healthy Weight Loss Menus and Online Nutrition Plans: Lean Out Cleanse, Slim Down, Summer Body and Fat Blast Weight Loss Program & Healthy Eating Guidelines by Dina Juve 
  •  Creator of Real FAST Food Cooking Class at Whole Foods Market 
  •  Creator of Patio Café Menu “Dina's Picks” for Weight Loss 
  •  Women’s Workshops Host (hundreds in attendance annually) 
  •  Barre Instructor 
  •  StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor 
  •  Kettlebell Institute Certified & Assistant Instructor 
  •  Former Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) & Assistant Instructor 
  •  Movement Code Certified 
  •  NASM Personal Training Certified 
  •  Z-Health Mobility  
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